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Happy 2017, Time To Detox!

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Hopefully, you had a great time during the festive season and you are looking forward to the beginning of another year. Back at the office, you are feeling great about the year ahead but maybe a little guilty about your over-indulgences? So let's talk about what you ate during these holidays, and what you can eat to feel healthier again!

Maybe it was a little bit too much traditional Roast Turkey? Or too many a not so traditional Lychee Martinis?! If you're inspired by the new year and a fresh beginning, you are probably considering a detox. We think lunch seems like a good place to start. That's why we have just created some awesome new Detox Packages for you and your office team.

But what is Detox exactly? Let me quickly sum that up for you. The concept of Detox is simple: aiming to get rid of unspecified "toxins" in your body by eating and drinking healthy. A great way to do that, for instance, is by drinking more Water or Smoothies. Another popular Detox Diet is Fruit & Vegetable Flush. So, if you and your colleagues are keen to start your days with a detox in order to clear your body, speed up your metabolism and enhance your overall health, we have the best salads for you!

Cheers to a Salad Days lifestyle!

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