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Free Delivery For The First Week November!



With the weather taking a nose dive to plummeting temperatures now’s the time to relish free delivery and get your team some amazing food  to be enjoyed in the comfort of your warm office!  Make the most of our special offer; there’s FREE delivery on every order placed in the first week of November.  (£100 minimum spend, use the code “bootowinter”.  You don’t want to miss out on this fantastic offer so place your order before the 9th November to get the deal.

Most of us want to hibernate during the winter months to stay warm, so keep your staff happy by ordering our great selection of lunches which they can enjoy in the warm together and boost social moral with a cosy shared lunch.  It’s especially important during the winter to keep nutrients and vitamins topped up with healthy food to ward away any germs and nasty colds.

The simple solution to keep your office foodies fed and healthy is Salad Days.  Order directly here and wave goodbye to the winter blues.

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