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Ok, its Autumn. Bring on the fries!




So autumn is here. It’s basically a great excuse to eat non-stop feel good food. Right?! According to a recent study by the Daily Californian, rainy weather has us reaching out for heavy comfort foods, Mac n’ Cheese being at the top of the list, followed by (predictably), mashed potato and fries! But before we embrace this carb-based lunch coma and and bed down on top of our MacBooks for a post-munch nap, it might be worth considering an alternative that leaves us functioning properly in body and mind. 

This autumn, Salad Days has developed a number of gloriously tasty Hot Boxes, stuffed with slow roasted root veg, green leaves, pickled veg and (don't worry) sweet potato fries! Served piping hot straight from our East London kitchen means they will keep you feeling warm during the apocalyptic autumn storms hitting the City.


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