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To Vegan or not too Vegan?!


Ok, its time to tell some blatant truths about “Going Vegan”…

So, no surprise, full plant based diets are on the up. Ditching eating anything animal is great…but remember you are going to have to eat! We hear of more and more people gallantly giving the old heave ho to meat and dairy, only to discover within minutes of making the switch that vegan options are rubbish and theres nothing to have for lunch. Its not just variety they should be concerned with though. Giving up everything animal leaves a big hole in your normal vitamin in take. Things like iron, vitamin B and good old calcium are just a selection of things your body is going to be craving. 

SO what is the answer? Generally eating a full a balance diet is always the overriding winner. Although we salute anyone embracing a full plant lifestyle, it is a lot of upkeep for potentially a less healthy meal. 

Also, as a rule of thumb if the thing you’re eating in deep fried, tastes amazing and served with fries it disappointingly doesn’t have that much of a health benefit - even if it really is vegetable based. 

Did you know that EVERY single Salad Days platter package contains a least one vegan dish? The other 4 platters in the package offer a whole host of plants and colours with the aim to give your lunch a variety and health benefits without compromising on flavour or portion size. 

Fear not though, if your team really is embracing a full vegan diet this January, our new Vegan Platter Package is just the thing you need. Use the discount code ‘vegansdeliver’ to get FREE DELIVERY.

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