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Too much candy after Halloween?

We all have that feeling sometimes that we are craving for something healthy when we have eaten too many sweets. Especially after trick 'n' treating this weekend and tonight! Well, we at Salad Days have just the right treat for your team. 

If we are honest we have to secretly admit that we all have a little sugar belly... So after this much candy, we think that healthy organic balanced food might be the best way to start your day tomorrow. We are preparing ourselves a delicious Salad Days breakfast, filled with proteins, Fruits, and Homemade Granola.

We also have some other news... Some of you may have noticed that our breakfast platters look a lot like each other, and you are right. But guess what, soon we will have new product images on our website. Thanks to Sid Photography we had an awesome photoshoot on Saturday and you will soon be able to see even more of our amazing healthy organic products on the website. And if that isn't enough we have some more Salad Days news... Kate our new Head of Food has just started, so from today she will make sure that our products will be perfect for you, lovely customers!

That is all for this week. If you just can't get enough of us, you can always follow our stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

See you soon!



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