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Wage War On Colds

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February weather is odd for us in London, with the temperature ranging from anything between 5°C to 16°C! Constantly changing weather can dry out the skin, making you more prone to colds. To avoid that, it is important to moisturise the skin from the inside out by limiting junk food and eating good and healthy food!

What good food you ask? There are many different foods that help to combat colds for example, beef! Beef is a good source of zinc, and zinc is important in the development of the white blood cells that defend the body. Not getting enough zinc can weaken your immune system and make you sluggish and tired, which isn’t exactly the best way to be for work!

Salmon and hot broth-based soups can also help to fight off colds as salmon is a good source of Vitamin D and hot soups help to soothe the throat and keep the body hydrated. With us Londoners not knowing when the sun is coming or going, it’s important to make sure you up your Vitamin D intake to fend off colds.

Even snacks like fresh fruit can help against the common cold! Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C which is a strong antioxidant. Since the body doesn’t make or store Vitamin C, keeping up your Vitamin C can make all the difference between having a healthy office or a sick one!

At Salad Days, we offer all these foods and a great range of healthy snacks to combat colds this winter!

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