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What are the superfoods and their health benefits?

What are the superfoods and their health benefits?


Did you know there are actually a number of foods which could be considered superfoods? With this guide, we’ll help you understand a number of top superfoods as well as high cholesterol foods to avoid eating in too great a quantity, which surprisingly still have fabulous benefits.

Superfood 1: Dark leafy greens


Mama always told you to eat your greens, but with good reason! Dark green leafy vegetables are full of nutrients including folate, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin C and...

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Wholesome food to keep you going

Feeling hot and tired is one thing, but feeling hot and full after a hot carb loaded meal... is a whole other form of tired! We however, have some fantastic options with the right amount of protein and complex carbohydrates to keep you comfortably satisfied throughout the day. Our chilled salads are made daily for extra freshness, so you can concentrate on keeping cool.

Our dips and nibbles are a great option for as little or as many guests you may have, they come with chilled dips and crudités, crunchy breadsticks and crisp...

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Don't bother queueing for your lunch!

Does your summer lunch hour start out with dreams of the park... and end up with a big queue in muggy heat, while waiting for your food to be made, then back to the office because your lunch hour is nearly over?

Ever consider getting the whole office to order in?

Salad Days make it super quick and easy and deliver all over London.

Feel like sharing? Have a look at our sharing platters, don't keep all the good stuff to yourself! We've got something for everyone and offer cutlery, bowls and napkins to...

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Spectacular Summer Salads!

We're here for you this summer! (even if the sun is not...) Whether it's muggy and warm or blazing sunshine, Salad Days have some fantastic options for your lunchtime meals. Try our individual salad bowls with options for the vegans, gluten free, vegetarians, pescetarians, flexitarians, dairy free and of course, the meat eaters.

Have a look a these Insta worthy boxes...

Individual Salad Boxes

If you fancy impressing your clients and networking over food, then try our delicious salad platters. Colourful, fresh and varied, we...

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Its 5 for the price of 4 this month!



Things are finally warming up in (almost) sunny London next week yay! We're not waiting for the sun here at Salad Days HQ and here pushing on with the beginning of summer with an amazing promotion. 


Buy any 5 salad platters and only pay for 4!!! What a deal! To use this offer simply go to the Salad Platter page here and load up your basket with 5 awesome salad platters of your choice. When you go to the cart page you will...

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