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Mindful Eating on Women's Day

This is International Women’s Day, and we thought it was the perfect occasion to draw your attention to Mindful eating. Eating mindfully means allowing yourself to become aware of the positive and nurturing aspects of the food you’re eating, and using this knowledge to eat food that is satisfying and nourishing! Someone who is mindful of what they eat, accepts that their eating experiences are unique to them and gains the ability of making choices that support their health and well-being.

A great example of this is influencer...

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Wage War On Colds

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February weather is odd for us in London, with the temperature ranging from anything between 5°C to 16°C! Constantly changing weather can dry out the skin, making you more prone to colds. To avoid that, it is important to moisturise the skin from the inside out by limiting junk food and eating good and healthy food!

What good food you ask? There are many different foods that help to combat colds for example, beef! Beef is a good source of zinc, and zinc is important in the...

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Our Secrets To a Healthier Life

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Most of us have a love-hate relationship with caffeine. To avoid highs and lows in energy during the day, here are some healthy solutions to naturally boost your brainpower.

The first thing you should do is replacing your caffeinated beverage with some regular H2O. Drinking water will not only increase your energy, but you’ll also get a cleaner skin and it will flush toxins from your body. Still craving for something else, a detox smoothie is always a good option.


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Happy 2017, Time To Detox!

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Hopefully, you had a great time during the festive season and you are looking forward to the beginning of another year. Back at the office, you are feeling great about the year ahead but maybe a little guilty about your over-indulgences? So let's talk about what you ate during these holidays, and what you can eat to feel healthier again!

Maybe it was a little bit too much traditional Roast Turkey? Or too many a not so traditional Lychee Martinis?! If you're inspired by the new year and a...

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The breakfast battle

Would you rather stay in bed for another 20 minutes, work out or enjoy a healthy breakfast before going to work? According to a survey in Men's Health Magazine, around half of adults in Great Britain ‘rarely [have] the time to eat a proper breakfast’. This seems a little strange (don't you think) because we all know the saying ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, and this has proved to be very true.

When writing this blog post, we came across so many articles about skipping breakfast, that we ourselves...

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