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Ok, its Autumn. Bring on the fries!




So autumn is here. It’s basically a great excuse to eat non-stop feel good food. Right?! According to a recent study by the Daily Californian, rainy weather has us reaching out for heavy comfort foods, Mac n’ Cheese being at the top of the list, followed by (predictably), mashed potato and fries! But before we embrace this carb-based lunch coma and and bed down on top of our MacBooks for a post-munch nap, it might be worth considering an alternative that leaves us functioning properly in body and mind. 


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Beach Body Time of Year Again?!



Ok, so its summer, or thats what they tell me. Its time to hit that beach. Well before we start smashing the gyms sessions to fit into those speedos lets have a quick look at what we're eating at work & home. Surely portioning is your meals when you're living a full live is hardest thing?

Ok so let be honest. To lose weight, you’ve got to know when to pump the breaks on your portions. But, obviously, that's easier said than done when faced with a giant bowl of pasta.

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7 Foods That Will Keep You Energized For Hours...


Its so hard to pick what to eat for lunch in the summer. Basically anything hot is well out of the window, theres only so many leaf based dishes you can take a week, so what is the best option? 

Maybe its time to start adding our own little energy boosts to the boring city lunch options?

Work with Watermelon?

Imagine walking the supermarket produce aisle and spotting a pile of watermelons with bright labels screaming “MEGA-PLUS ULTIMATE ENERGY BOOST!” Or catching an extreme sports competition on TV where the skateboarders’ helmet stickers...

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Mindful Eating on Women's Day

This is International Women’s Day, and we thought it was the perfect occasion to draw your attention to Mindful eating. Eating mindfully means allowing yourself to become aware of the positive and nurturing aspects of the food you’re eating, and using this knowledge to eat food that is satisfying and nourishing! Someone who is mindful of what they eat, accepts that their eating experiences are unique to them and gains the ability of making choices that support their health and well-being.

A great example of this is influencer...

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Wage War On Colds

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February weather is odd for us in London, with the temperature ranging from anything between 5°C to 16°C! Constantly changing weather can dry out the skin, making you more prone to colds. To avoid that, it is important to moisturise the skin from the inside out by limiting junk food and eating good and healthy food!

What good food you ask? There are many different foods that help to combat colds for example, beef! Beef is a good source of zinc, and zinc is important in the...

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