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Love Food Love Fashion!

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Work clothes don't have to be boring, especially when the London Fashion week was in town. Why are we talking about fashion you ask? Well, we had our own pop-up cafe, and catering special events at London Fashion Week last week! We were super excited about this - yes we do love fashion. And Guess what, we are not the only ones. More and more bloggers and Instagrammers are passionate about FOOD & FASHION.

During the London Fashion Week, we not only had a pop-up cafe, we also did collaboration events...

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Living the good life, with all the healthy stuff thrown in

Healthy Lunch Lunch Salad days The Story Behind

Let me tell you the story of Salad Days.

Two good friends came together to form our little company back in the summer of 2009. When they started the business they bought two things - a grill and a giant salad spinner. The pair had one simple goal - make great food available everywhere!

Salad Days makes all of its dishes by hand, fresh everyday. Our team of awesome chefs make sure that...

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Sharing Food

Lunch Platters salad days sharing food Sharing is caring Wework


Just the other week we had a Pop-Up at WeWork Devonshire Square and shared our product with some lovely people. We had a delightful afternoon and were overwhelmed with the joy of sharing our products - because they are for sharing with your amazing colleagues.


People loving shared food


Have you ever been in the situation where you were thinking "Hmm, your food looks just amazing, I wish I had ordered that?" Well, you are probably not the first person. We have noticed that a lot of...

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Celebrating 5 Years of Glastonbury Festival


Roll back the clocks to 2011 when Salad Days first stall at Glastonbury Festival was born. Coupled with beautiful weather (for the first day anyway) and an amazing location, directly opposite 'The Other Stage', an awesome relationship was born. 

Fast forward five years and Salad Days are serving more healthy fast food than anyone. Still in the same location, but with a fantastic new menu of Roasted Butternut Squash Quinoa Salads, BBQ Pulled Pork Wraps, and Freshly Squeezed Juices. 

We have kept our classics, such as our wonderful Halloumi, we know its good as from 22nd...

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There is no denying, it when it comes to lunch the first thing you think about is whether it's going to be delicious and hardly ever if its going to be nutritious, but we think you can have both. 

According to Fitness Magazine, the humble lemon is one of the world's healthiest foods. Why? One lemon contains your daily dose of vitamin C, it cleanses the liver, boosts your immunity and aids weight loss. That's why you will always find fresh lemons in our salads - and our tea!


We know that...

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