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Cajun Chicken Set Menu (Priced Per Person)

£9.50 per person


Buffet Style Set Menu Ready to Share

  • Platter 1 - Panko cajun chicken ready to eat with fresh round lettuce & radicchio & a cajun spiced aioli. (H)
  • Platter 2 - Baked sweet potato falafel & sriracha vegan mayo (V)(NF)(GF)(H)(DF)
  • Platter 3 - Chili roasted broccoli, baby leaves & tahini dressing (VG)(V)(DF)(NF)(GF)(H)
  • Platter 4 - Freshly baked Kobez dipping breads with homemade muhammara sauce (VG)(V)(H)

Ready to eat in a Platter Box made from sustainably sourced paperboard with plant-based PLA window, certified 100% compostable. If you aren't eating straight away, we recommend storing in a fridge below 5°c. 

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