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Peri Peri Chicken Package (Priced Per Person)

£8.75 per person

Buffet Style Set Menu with 5 Different Platters:

  • Platter 1 - Smokey Peri Peri Chicken. With a Chilli & Tomato dip on a Herby Salad base & a Chilli, Spring Onion topper. (NF) (DF)

  • Platter 2 - Falafel Box Platter. Chunky Falafel on a bed of homemade Beetroot Slaw, Baby Cucumber Ribbons, Hummus Pot & Green Leaf Garnish. (VG) (DF) (GF)

  • Platters 3 - Zucchini Salad. Cool ribbons of crunchy Courgette, Red Peppers & a finely sliced Sicilian Lemon Salad. (VG) (GF) (DF)

  • Platter 4 - Ricotta, Watercress & Rocket Platter Salad. Served with Cherry Tomatoes & a Lemon and Olive Oil dressing (V) (GF)

  • Platter 5 - Flatbread Platter Box. Sliced up freshly baked Khobez bread covered in Herby Leaves. Perfect for dipping & wrapping! (VG) 


 459 Kcal

Minimum Order 5 people. Price is shown per person. 

Ready to eat in a Platter Box made from sustainably sourced paperboard with plant-based PLA window, certified 100% compostable. If you aren't eating straight away, we recommend storing in a fridge below 5°c. 


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