FAQ's – Salad Days
Office Lunch Delivery London
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Is it possible to alter products dietary requirements?
Yes, please get in touch and we can arrange any dietary requirement you need.
We want to place a large order. Is it possible to get some samples first?
No problem. Give us a call and we can drop some samples right over to you!
Can I order drinks that aren't listed on the site?
Yes, its tricky deliver frozen margaritas on the north circular, but we'll certainly try and get you anything else you need. Just drop us an email.

Payment and Accounts 

Can I be sent an invoice rather than paying online?
Yes, please give us a call to set this up. Don't worry, it won't take long.
Can I set up a business account? 
Yes you can! Just click on the link here. 

Changing An Order

I need to change my order, how do I do this?
No problem, please let us know ASAP give us a call or drop us an email with the changes.
I need to change the delivery address?
No problem, just send us an email confirming the new address.


How far out of central London do you deliver?
A long way, however there maybe be a minimum spend, so give us a call before you order.
How will I know the dietary requirements on my order?
We clearly label all of our products . We will also give you a delivery note with your exact order on it.
Is it possible to have someone to help serve the food?
Yes of course. Just send us an email to arrange any staff you need there may be a small charge for this service.
Will my food arrive hot?
Yes. We use large commercial hot boxes as well as refrigerated vehicles to make sure your food arrives just as you expect.  
What should we do with all the packing after we have eaten?
All our packaging is 100% biodegradable. So it can go into food waste or general waste completely guilt free!